Our Team

Pip Evans

Consultant Criminal Defence Solicitor

Pip has specialised in criminal defence work for nearly 40 years. She started her career as a managing clerk at Offenbach Solicitors in the West End way back in 1983, moving later to work for Lee Barnet Needleman in Marylebone. In 1993 she decided to qualify as a solicitor. She completed her Training Contract at Hornby Ackroyd & Levy in Brixton, was admitted as a Solicitor in 1997, and then employed by Irving & Co in Kentish Town as an Assistant Solicitor. When Irving & Co decided to close their criminal department in 2002 Pip, together with colleague Claire Bissett, took the brave step to set up their own firm specialising in criminal defence work – Evans Bissett Solicitors, also based in Kentish Town. After 14 years running a successful and well-regarded practice, Pip and Claire decided regretfully to close Evans Bissett in 2016, to enable her to focus her energies on fighting for her clients, instead of fighting bureaucracy in an increasingly challenging environment. After a brief spell at Aitken Harter, Pip joined Montague Solicitors in 2019 as a Consultant, where she is proud to be part of a committed and talented criminal defence team.

Pip is an ‘old school’ practitioner. She remains tenacious in her work and approachable to her clients and their families. She is committed to striving to secure a just outcome for her clients, whatever the nature of the allegations they are facing, and believes that a fair and properly funded criminal justice system is a vital part of a democratic society.

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