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Paying for
our work

We are always happy to speak to you if you are facing a criminal allegation, and to advise you about the options for funding the work we do. We do not charge anyone for this initial advice. If you think we can help then please get in contact.

Everyone arrested by the police has the right to free and independent advice whilst at the police station, regardless of their financial circumstances. We have a policy of not charging a fee from our clients for advising them at the police station.

You have the option to pay for our services privately.

We will always advise you at the outset of the likely costs and keep you informed as the case progresses. In the Magistrates’ Court our fees are charged on an hourly rate of £250 per hour.

The number of hours involved in any case will depend on a number of factors, the most important being the amount of evidence to consider, the time spent attending you and advising you, and any witnesses (including experts), the time spent drafting documents and the time spent at Court, if relevant. It will also depend on whether the plea entered is Guilty or Not Guilty.

Sometimes it is in a client’s interests for us to instruct a barrister to represent them at Court, for example if a particularly complex legal issue needs to be argued or if it is more cost-effective to do so. If we instruct a barrister to represent you at Court the barrister’s fees will be charged in addition to this firm’s fees, but we will notify you in advance what those fees will be.

In some cases, an expert witness will need to be instructed. The expert’s fees will be in addition to this firm’s fees. Again, we will let you know what those fees will be in advance.

In a straightforward case involving a Guilty plea court hearing and one further sentencing hearing, we would expect about 4 to 10 hours work to be involved, including the time attending at Court. So the fees would typically be between £1,250 to £3,500 plus VAT.

For more complex cases, where the solicitor spends more time on the case, the fees are correspondingly higher. This is more likely to be the case where a not guilty plea is entered and the case goes to trial. Typically, such a case will involve between 10 and 30 hours work by the solicitor handling it. The total fees would range from £3,500 to £8,500 plus VAT. Any expert’s or barrister’s fees would be charged in addition to this firm’s fees.


For a straightforward case at the Magistrates Court that concludes after just one court hearing we may be able offer a fixed fee of £600 plus VAT. The fixed fee would cover meeting with you at court and all steps to prepare the case including representation at the single hearing, and advice on appeal afterwards if necessary (although not representation on any appeal). Expert witnesses are not usually instructed in these cases, but if an expert was instructed the expert’s fees would be additional to this firm’s fees.

The fees described above will include all the work in advising you and preparing your case.

Cases involving a guilty plea usually conclude within 1 to 2 months after the case starts ie from when you are charged or summonsed by the police. However, the actual timescale for your case depends on a number of factors, some beyond our control.

Cases involving a not guilty plea usually conclude within
2 to 6 months after the case starts ie from when you are charged or summonsed by the police. However again, the actual timescale for your case depends on a number of factors, some beyond our control.

Crown Court

We can also arrange your legal representation at the Crown Court on a privately paying basis. Our standard fee rate for Crown Court work is £450 per hour plus VAT, although we are always happy to discuss funding with you on a more tailored individual basis

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