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We specialise in particular areas of immigration law. We can ensure that your case is placed with the lawyer best equipped to deal with it.

We have expertise in all of the following;

  • Asylum and Humanitarian Protection
  • Visiting the UK – for business or pleasure.
  • Marriage and civil partnership – with British citizens or others.
  • Children – joining parents.
  • Parents – needing to join children here.
  • Students – short term or long term.
  • Investors and entrepreneurs
  • Business applications
  • Skilled workers – advising both employee and employer
  • Long residence in the UK – and all other applications for permanent stay
  • Refugees – and those needing humanitarian protection
  • Human rights – including medical cases and the right to private and family life
  • Deportation and removal – including emergency injunctions
  • Detention – including applications for bail
  • European applications – for EEA nationals and their families
  • Human trafficking – assisting the victims
  • Regularising status – for those who have overstayed or are here illegally
  • Nationality – applying to become a British citizen
  • Appeals and Judicial Review – representing you in court
  • Turkish Rules applications

We have a team of in-house advocates and solicitors, who regularly appear before immigration tribunals, and we work closely with highly regarded and specialist barristers. As such we have a high success rate in matters before the Tribunal, first tier and upper tier tribunals. We are able to represent you at the appeal hearing either in London or any of the UK appeal centre’s located in the UK.

This is a complex area of law. An appeal to the First Tribunal, if dismissed may lead to an appeal to the Upper Tribunal on a point of law and is a complex area. We are able to assist in presenting arguments and points to law that may generate a further appeal. We, together with Counsel if appropriate will scrutinize the Court’s decision in great detail in every case to ensure that every individual gets a fair and just hearing by checking that there has not been any failure to consider all of the evidence or the personal circumstances of an individual in their earlier appeal hearing. If the matter goes further we are fully equipped to deal with the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court.


We also undertake Judicial Reviews used to challenge decisions made by public authorities, including the immigration authorities. This method of litigation is used when there is no remedy left available to you or that the initial decision is unlawful. In either sense we understand the principles of Judicial Review and apply it where it is necessary to do so. We are able to bring actions against an authority if it has not made a decision within a certain time period or is unwilling to make a decision or if you have no other remedy. We are constantly lodging Judicial Reviews where UKBA have sat on applications for years.

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