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Assets seized
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Fraud &
Cyber Fraud

Montagues has a strong reputation and a solid track record in confiscation and asset recovery law. The government works with its various agencies as the Land Registry, DVLA and other agencies together with its governmental departments to look at assets it believes were accrued by criminal means. The government agencies are equipped with the latest tools for confiscating suspected proceeds of crime.

The Government may also look to freeze assets it believes are intended for criminal use. It is vital to ensure action at the start of the investigation as asset control or freezing can leave clients without means to sustain livelihoods

Montagues will advise from the start and what has started as a criminal investigation may then end up through the civil courts even if the criminal investigation and charges have been dropped or there is no conviction.

If you have been charged with fraud we will ensure that you are provided with sound advice and if the matter proceeds to court we will ensure that you have the most experience Counsel and legal team to assist in the case.

We handle all types of fraud-related offences including, benefit fraud, subletting of local authority housing without express permission, mortgage fraud, money laundering and more, and we have extensive experience of dealing with particularly complex charges such as multi-jurisdictional fraud allegations

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